More than a brand,
a family
More than 3.000.000m2
of taken care with love fields every day.
New times. The same quality as always

The new generation takes charge to continue with the rigor, Quality and the know-how that are the identity of their name and their company.

Rooted in a tradition that started on 1987, but now with a goal of modernization and application of the latest tecnologies both in the fields, the warehouse and in each of the different packagings.

35 years hand packing clementines with leaves

All of our fruit
is picked,

and sold
and sold with its leaf.

The latest technology


For several years we have implanted the best advances of the sector ensuring the correct treatment, handling and conservation of the fruit.

Taking into account the quality requirements of the European and world market, every year, we pass the necessary controls to certify the quality of everything we do.

We have the main quality certificates

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