The leafy
Maximum quality
in each clementine
with leaf
Maximum quality in each clementine

The new generation takes charge to continue with the rigor, Quality and the know-how that are the identity of their name and their company..

Rooted in a tradition that started on 1987, but now with a goal of modernization and application of the latest tecnologies, both in the fields, the warehouse and in each of the different packagings.

At Tomega we work every day for our clementines to arrive with the best quality to our costumers and to offer a maximum Quality product where the flavor, aroma and freshness meet the highest expectations.

Thus, from the field to the costumer’s door, we control, evaluate and analyze the soil, the trees and the fruit to determine the optimum moment to collect the crop.

In addition, we have established and implemented the latest technology in the sector to improve even more our production system.

All this has led us to apply a Quality policy based on the respect for our environment and natural resources, a continuous improvement and maximice the care of our productive system.


We work every day in our fields to meet the high expectations of the market. We understand that the basis of our product and its quality are born and emerge from the tree,, from the hours spent in the field.

We take care of our fields
throughout the whole year


Agile and specialized logistic that allows unique and quality packing.


Chemical free,
100% fruit.

Handmade. Added value
With leaf, better

More than
of own fields

The basis of our product and its quality is born and emerges from the tree.

We collect,

and pack

with leaf. We are

the leafy clem

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